Thanksgiving Fall

Lately the children in the children’s home have been learning a lot of new things. They’re attending school classes, handy craft lessons and basic life-skills lessons.

We are so proud of them and want to let everyone know what they’ve learned these past months. That’s why we decided to throw a party, a Fall party. During this party the children can show what they’ve been learning. The weeks running up to the party, a few of the girls from the walking group also practiced a dance to perform during the Fall party.

Finally, the day of the Fall party arrives. The room fills up with volunteers, staff members and other guests. The children are so excited. They are all dressed up in their best outfit and the girls even put on some make-up. After they all lined up nicely the party starts. They open with a song, then their crafts are shown and they end their presentation by telling a poem one by one. You can see how proud they are from the big smiles on their faces.Afterwards the teachers have some games prepared. They blind fold a child who has to guess what kind of fruit or veggie is in their hands. Even some staff members participate in the games.

And of course a party without food and dancing is no party at all, so we ate cake and danced till everyone was tired and ready to take a nap.