Learning New Skills

Meet Madina, she’s been living in a Chidren’s home most of her life. She’s only left the Children’s home a few times on special occasions, until recently. One of our goals is to help the more capable children from the Children’s Home to get integrated into society and learn useful skills. Medina had the chance to do some hair styling lessons at a local salon. Our staff brought her to and from the hair salon three times a week. At first she was scared to take the local transportation, walk in the city center and work in a salon. Even at 15 years old she talked and acted like an eight year old because of growing up at the Children’s Home. As Medina spent time out in the “real world,” traveling back and forth, learning skills at the salon, seeing and talking to adults, she changed and matured. She started taking care of her personal hygiene and clothing and having more mature conversations and social interactions. She uses her new hair styling skills to cut the hair of other girls at the Children’s Home. After a few months of working at the hair salon, Medina also participated in handicraft lessons at a sewing shop nearby. Recently CDI brought a loom to the Children’s Home that Medina now uses to make scarves with the hope of selling them in the future.