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Our values

Holistic approach

People are integrated physical and spiritual beings, and therefore we need to address the whole person, including the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of life. We will proactively look for ways to address the needs of people. We realize that one cannot address one part of a person without affecting all parts. We want to see transformation occur in families, communities, and spheres of influence.

We believe that relationships are the foundation of real change. Therefore, within our work, we seek to emphasize relationships with our co-workers as well as those we are assisting. Because of this value, we prioritize learning local languages. While we wish to run strong, transformational projects, we believe that it is through relationships that our greatest impact will be seen.



We understand that different people have different gifts, and we need to partner with others to see our work succeed. Therefore, in our projects, we will look for ways to partner with local individuals, groups, and organizations. We seek to promote and make room for local leadership within CDI projects and within our partnerships with local groups and organizations. CDI will partner with other organizations on projects where we have overlapping goals and visions.

We believe that the development of individuals, their capacities, and their gifts is of equal importance to the output of our projects because as people develop, they grow in their ability to transform their own communities and influence other ministries. Our longest and most lasting impact will be changed individuals. We will be actively looking for people who are open to growth and change and we will focus our energy on them. As people reach their potential, the impact of their lives and ministries will be multiplied.

Capacity building


All aspects of our work are important; therefore, we strive to do quality work in all aspects of service. We value all people, and as we do things well, we will show how we value them. We recognize that we are all needed, in a variety of distinct, yet equally important roles, to fulfil our purpose as CDI, therefore we strive for excellence in each of these roles and responsibilities. Assisting people with the skills, knowledge, and character development to positively affect their spheres of influence.

Developing People, Developing Communities