Walking in Kara Suu

Turaim is 6 years old.  Problems with her birth left her unable to walk normally, so she has spent most of her life sitting and watching the world go by.  Amazingly, her older brother Ali has had similar problems and a similar limited life.  However, that has changed a little for the children because their neighbor works as the bookkeeper for CDI-Kara Suu.  This man mentioned the family to his colleagues.  While the Kara-Suu office has worked primarily in the areas of community health and vocational training, the staff knew that the Bishkek and Jalal-abad offices have done a great deal with special needs children.

So after some consultation with staff in Jalal-abad, Andreas in Kara Suu (with some help from his visiting son) were able to construct walkers for Turaim and Ali.  In the culture here there is stigma from having a disabled child.  CDI not only gave these children a little dignity by helping them walk, we are able to encourage the parents that all children are a gift and deserve love and care.