From One Mother to Another

Young, homeless, and a new mother, Aruzat lay exhausted in the hospital room with nothing to wrap her new baby in. Kyrgyz hospitals do not always provide items like baby blankets for new parents, it is expected that families will bring their own. But Aruzat had nothing. With no other options, her newborn was wrapped in a torn section of sheet.

In the same hospital, a CDI Doula in training was helping with observations. She noted the lack of a blanket but she also did not have any extra supplies. However, she shared the need with another new mom on the unit. This woman was from a very poor region of Kyrgyzstan, and was on the maternity floor with twins! Even though she herself had very little, when she heard about Aruzat’s situation she generously shared clothes and blankets from her own small supply. It was a sweet reminder that sometimes connecting people and telling their stories is all that is needed for women to be there to support each other.