Nutrition Via Video

The three women sat around the low table, their knees tucked under them on the floor. They were deep in conversation. Covid had effectively shut down their health education project. The face to face nutrition seminars they were used to holding were no longer possible. “What if we made videos and posted them online?” one of the three suggested. Nutritional information available in Kyrgyz is minimal and not always credible. The other two women agreed it was a good idea. As certified nutrition specialists working for CDI, they have a passion to share knowledge about the foundations of nutritional eating however they can. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into!

Making quality videos turned out to be much more complicated than any of them could have guessed. Over the past two years, these three women have been learning, experimenting, and finally producing nutrition education videos. So far they have made six videos and plan to release them weekly in the months ahead. Their goal is to help Kyrgyz women and families access information and be equipped to lead healthier lifestyles.