Cooperation Towards Inclusion

In two small rooms next to the town’s school building, “Lisa” and “Gulum” have been holding their own classes with a special group of students. These two CDI teachers are passionate about helping kids with special needs get an education and learn life skills. Gulum and Lisa work with kids on things like speech therapy and hand eye coordination techniques so they can better keep up in the traditional classroom.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The new education director for the region approached CDI staff. He said he had noticed the quality and importance of the work these two CDI teachers were doing, and that he wants to replicate their efforts in every school in the region! Government teachers currently don’t have the specialty training and diplomas that CDI teachers do, therefore the director assigned a letter to the schools, ordering one teacher to undertake a course at a university as well as first hand training with Gulum and Lisa. Currently two new teachers are being trained by CDI and we cannot wait until each school in the region has someone specifically equipped to help kids with special needs succeed.