A Heart Change Towards School

Bakit doesn’t know his birth mom. He was left at the OB hospital, never even brought home. From there he was sent to an orphanage for babies. While still young, a local family adopted him. But as he grew they realized he had physical disabilities. Kyrgyzstan continues to struggle with biases and shame-based thinking about disabilities. Bakit’s adoptive family brought him back to an orphanage. This is where CDI staff first met him, while teaching education classes at the orphanage. Bakit would come to the classes and cry. He would get in fights and be aggressive towards other kids. He couldn’t or wouldn’t accept the love and attention from CDI teachers.

As the new term began this fall, the teachers were expecting to deal with the same difficult child. But something had changed for Bakit. Each day he now comes to class with joy and excitement instead of tears and anger. He is eager to learn and says he wants to be the best student in the class! CDI staff marveled at this change and aren’t completely sure of the cause. Perhaps it’s the positivity of the teachers or simply Bakit maturing in age. Whatever the reason, the teachers are thrilled to work alongside him as he takes his next steps in education.