A Doula’s Impact

“Why are you crying?” Mahabat asked upon entering the room and seeing the young woman’s abundant tears. The young woman shared that she had just been told she would have to have a cesarean section surgical birth. She had been laboring so well, and was so close to the end. “Why does the doctor want to do a surgery?” Mahabat asked the forlorn woman. “I have no idea. I didn’t understand anything he said to me.” Mahabat was at the maternity hospital that night doing a birth observation rotation for her International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) doula certification process through CDI. Through her doula training, she was able to help this young lady achieve a natural birth! When the doctor returned to the room after some time, and found the woman’s condition much improved, he said to Mahabat, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” She and the mom just looked at each other and smiled. Mahabat had infused that young lady with encouragement and confidence that she could do it, and together they did!

While not all c-sections can be prevented with continuous labor support (doula care), isn’t it amazing that just by the trained and loving presence of a doula, c-section rates can be reduced by 45%, and oxytocin use by 40%?