New Hope in a New Location

“Sayora” loves her daughter, “Munira”, even though Munira can’t walk at 11 years old. Sayora never believed what neighbors hinted at, that Munira’s disability is some kind of curse on the family. It was clear to Sayora that Munira’s brain works just fine, even if her arms and legs don’t. But Sayora struggled with developing that fine brain because local schools don’t make provision for children with disabilities.

Then, one day some strangers came to Sayora’s home, having heard about Munira and her family. They were CDI staff from the newly opened Ala-Buka office, a teacher and a physiotherapist. They too saw Munira’s potential. They talked about how Munira could learn to read and do maths. They showed Munira’s family exercises that can increase Munira’s mobility. Once more, CDI brings hope, helping families and individuals develop.