Health Seminars Online

“Aygul” is a young wife in a Kyrgyz village. She takes care of her children as well as her aging mother-in-law while her husband works in construction far away in Russia. Aygul has been discouraged because her children get sick so often. Recently she heard about a seminar some friends in the next village over attended. CDI’s One Health Program had made an impression, and Aygul wanted to know more. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is preventing CDI staff from doing health seminars in homes in villages like Aygul’s. She was discouraged when she learned there could be no seminars in her village. But soon CDI will have good news for Aygul and others like her. CDI One Health staff are making videos of a number of health seminars. Before the end of 2020, these will be available on YouTube, and Aygul can learn valuable health information from the phone in the palm of her hand.