Heating and saving

“Golda” was surviving. After her husband died, she and her daughter got by with her pension and a little help from her grown son. But it was a burden to keep the house warm in the winter. CDI worked in Golda’s village as they were producing a video to show communities how to produce more effective brick stoves. When she learned about the stove-building project, Golda wanted to give the new heating method a try. Even though CDI usually requires households to contribute labor when they build a stove, in Golda’s case they constructed the effective brick stove for her.

Late in 2018, when CDI staff stopped by to see how Golda was doing, she greeted them with a big smile, beckoning them into her small home. Our staff immediately felt the difference. Golda’s home was much warmer. But what made Golda happiest of all is that she saves significant money on heating fuel. The more efficient stove produces more heat with less fuel. CDI’s Appropriate Technology project has helped make life a little better for Golda and her daughter.