Prototype for Warmth

Now that cold weather has set in, there is one village medical clinic in Kyrgyzstan that will be warmer this year than in years past.

Staff from the Kara Suu office of CDI travelled to the remote mountain village of Bekjar to lead local workers in the construction of a more efficient furnace.  The Kara Suu group has lots of experience building these furnaces now, but they experimented with some improvements at Bekjar.  These included a different formulation of mortar for the brick exterior, a new way of creating joints between the top and bottom of the stove, and using higher quality fireproof bricks.  The team was pleased that it only took three and a half days to build the furnace.

Because it’s in the medical clinic, many people in the village will see this furnace.  If they want to have built in their own homes, they can hire CDI-trained contractors to do the work.  So village people can have warm homes and good jobs.