Summer Camp Memories

Weather is changing, along with the leaves in Kyrgyzstan, and as children finish their first quarter of school many are looking back fondly on summer camp memories.

CDI partnered with one summer camp this year with a Chronicles of Narnia theme. Every counselor had a character-based group of kids: Centaurs, Beavers, Fauns, Foxes etc. Aslan was played by the camp director. Each day also had its own character-building themes including hospitality, friendship, overcoming temptation, forgiveness, kindness, and more.

Team-building games and sharing times knit the groups closer than even the staff could have imagined on the first day. Many children opened up about life experiences they had never shared before. They sensed that this was a safe space and learned to trust their counselors and group-mates.  Mentally healthier children can help build stronger communities.