Celebrating Accomplishment

Altyn and Nazokat were thankful they at least had each other. The sisters having cerebral palsy meant that they couldn’t do all the things other children do in Kyrgyzstan, but their grandparents had given them a good home and some life skills. However, when the girls’ grandmother died, their aging grandfather couldn’t care for them, so Nazokat and Altyn had to go live at the state institution for disabled children in Jalal-abad. Nazokat was especially depressed to be in the place. But life improved a bit for the two girls, and a number of others in the children’s home, when the CDI-sponsored education for disabled children started. Altyn and Nazokat, along with others in their orphanage, learned basic reading and writing. “School” brought a break in the orphanage routine and a good dose of self-esteem. The school year ended with a presentation for parents and orphanage staff, and a fun picnic lunch.

CDI recently completed our third year of education for disabled children, this year expanding to the orphanage in the south of the country in Jalal-abad. Some 50 children, in 3 institutions, received education. They also got certificates to prove their accomplishments.

Classes start again soon. And no one is sad about back-to-school here!