Parenting Success

CDI Jalalabad has 6 different health and relationship seminar series but was looking to add more.  So we asked our local staff, “What do you want to learn?”  They asked us for help in training their children.  Well, not exactly in those words, but it is true that parents in this culture love their children and want what’s best for them, but sometimes don’t know where to turn when they get stuck.

CDI is blessed to have some foreigners on staff who have focused on ways to be good parents for many years.  They decided to take 5 weeks to share something each week about what they have learned with the local staff.  They used personal stories, skits, videos, and pictures to teach various topics:   What is success in parenting? What do children need?  What is the best form of correction?  How do children feel loved?  Why is asking for forgiveness important?

The local staff were model students, not just taking in the teaching as head knowledge, but changing their own practice too.  Every week they shared how they had applied what they had learned the previous week, and how their children responded.

Now they are doing the work of translating the lessons and creating skits and illustrations that will best fit their culture. This will enable them to pass on the lessons they have learned for themselves to others in the community through our Community Health Education program.

We were excited to see the success and growth that our staff felt in this area of parenting and are looking forward to seeing the impact in the wider community. We’re glad that we could help!