A Special Christmas

Each Christmas we do things a little different at Belavosk. As we have the last few years, we gave gifts to 5 different groups of children as well as the nannies who care for them. This year however, we gave a very large bag of chocolates and other beautifully wrapped goodies to each group of workers – including the security guards, cooks, and caretakers of the bedridden groups. A few of the caretakers who received these gifts had tears running down their faces as we handed the gifts to them. When we shared the story of Christmas and how neither we, nor God, have forgotten these children, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the caretakers were listening carefully. One of them was even nodding her head yes.

These  women, and several men as well, devote so much of their lives to caring for the children at Belavosk with only a small salary and no thanks from anyone.

These are truly special people caring for special children! Many thanks to those of you who are investing in our remarkable Kyrgyz kids.