Hang It Up

 CDI has been working at an orphanage for over 100 mentally and/or physically disabled children in Jalalabad since last spring. We are seeing growth in the children as we do different kinds of therapy, as well as developing closer relationships with the staff. We also have a long term goal of the community becoming more involved at the orphanage, spending time with the children and learning to value them.

During the winter, we asked the staff what their most pressing physical need was and they showed us their laundry facilities. Every day they wash dozens of loads of clothes, diapers, and sheets. They don’t have driers and the building’s heating system was broken.  We were concerned that if the heating system was not repaired, laundry drying would be very slow at best. If they couldn’t keep up with the laundry, sanitation would become a huge problem.

After understanding this problem and talking through solutions with the orphanage staff, we decided to see what we could do to help. Thanks to a number of individual donors and different charitable funds, we were able to raise enough money to put in a new heater, fans for ventilation, and new hanging lines. The orphanage staff are so thankful that the drying can be done more quickly and efficiently, providing clean clothes for dozens of children.