Grateful Families

On the outskirts of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital city, kids from the city and surrounding villages attend therapy while horsing around. A CDI team focused on horse therapy work with trained horses to help kids with special needs such as cerebral palsy. Three weeks ago, the parents of these children hosted a celebration to say thank you to all the CDI workers who have blessed their families. There was food, gifts, and of course, speeches. The following comments described the impact that CDI staff have had on their families. 

  • Several parents related, “Every time we go to the doctor or other therapists, they scold us, shame us and give us false promises that never come to fruit. You have shown our children genuine love and care without asking for money.” 
  • A father shared, “When I come to therapy I breathe the fresh mountain air and relax because I know my son is in good hands. I always look forward to coming and we see real progress in our children.”
  • A tearful mother said, “The first time I came, Becky (CDI worker) greeted me with a hug. afterwards I asked what we owed her and Becky said, ‘nothing,’ I was shocked.” 
  • Someone else shared, “So many times people forget that we (the parents) need help too! You always treat us with dignity and respect rather than shaming us.”
  • Another mother added, “When you told me that it was not my fault, I didn’t know what to do with my feelings because everyone else said it was my fault. When Becky explained what cerebral palsy is, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my back.”

Everyone had something encouraging to say and the CDI staff were crying along with the parents. They shared how honored they were to work with these special children and their families.