Christmas Plans Galore!

The CDI team in Bishkek had lots of Christmas plans up their big Santa sleeves! Each year the team works hard to make Christmas fun and special for children with special needs or in difficult circumstances. Their calendar was particularly busy this past year! On the schedule were:

  • Visiting children in the Facial Surgery Department at the National Children’s Hospital. Many of these kids are recovering from cleft palate surgeries.
  • Visiting two orphanages for special needs children. CDI works with these kids year round, providing education and physical therapy, and staff have close relationships with many of these kids.
  • Working with local organizations to put on local Christmas programs and share the story of Christmas.
  • Visiting a private children’s home for kids who have been abused or neglected.
  • Visiting two rehab centers for children with special needs.

Festive costumes, music, gifts of toys, and tasty rarities of fruit and yogurt accompanied staff visits to all these locations.