Hockey for All

Gulmira didn’t know what she had gotten herself into. She had never heard of “Field Hockey” until tonight, and now she was playing it! And what a strange team she had! Usually different ethnic groups didn’t hang out in the same social groups, but here Kyrgyz, Russians, Uzbeks and Pakistanis were all playing…on the same team! Languages were flying back and forth over the hockey field as players called out excitedly for a pass. By the end of the night, Gulmira found herself laughing and chatting with people she never would have talked to before.

The past few weeks have been busy for CDI staff in Jalalabad. They have been meeting with young people and decided to organize the field hockey event to bring young people together in a safe and fun environment. By initiating conversations during breaks and promoting group participation they have witnessed connections and relationships form. CDI staff continues to be amazed by the power of sports to bring people together.