Hometown Help

“Maryam” is a young girl with Down Syndrome, born to a family of limited means in a remote part of Kyrgyzstan. Maryam’s family loves her and has tried to find ways to maximize her life despite her disability. Last year, they traveled some 8 hours over the mountains to the largest city in southern Kyrgyzstan, trying to find some intervention to help Maryam learn and be healthy. After several days of visiting various social and medical staff in the city, they returned home discouraged. They had found nothing that would substantially help Maryam. However, shortly after they returned home, they encountered CDI staff and learned about the new Education for All project. The project aims to help children like Maryam, children with special needs, learn as much as they are able. Maryam’s family was thrilled to learn there was help for their special daughter right in their own hometown.