Hope for Relationship

“Europa” came to CDI’s community health seminar basically because she was lonely. After the first or second lesson, she shared with a CDI staff member how she’d had conflict with her mother-in-law. Like many young brides in Kyrgyzstan, Europa had moved in with her husband’s family and had to function essentially as a servant for her mother-in-law. When the mother-in-law was unhappy with Europa’s performance, she made life miserable for Europa in their village. Europa became practically an outcast. CDI staff “Pat” shared about her eternal friend, Jesus, and showed Europa some encouraging passages from the New Testament. Europa wanted a copy of that book for own. CDI staff never distributes religious material, but Pat knew a believer in the village. This lady not only got Europa her own copy of God’s word but also befriended Europa. Europa has met with other believers a few times and is learning from God’s word. She now feels she has friends in the village. Please pray that she surrenders her life to Jesus.