Taasir Chair Story

“Sergey” is about 4 years old. He cannot walk, and he struggles to talk, but his brain works just fine. Sergey always wished to be more involved in the world around him. When staff from CDI’s Taasir project visited Sergey’s home, they found him just lying on the floor. But the Taasir guys had brought a prototype of the special chair they had been working on. With the help of Sergey’s mother, they got him into the chair. It was a good fit, and Sergey quickly adjusted to seeing the world from an upright position. Now he was able to enter more fully into the life of the family, to interact with people, closer to their level. Sergey’s mother was touched by the care of CDI staff, especially a young Kyrgyz man’s work with her son. Ethnic Russians like Sergey’s family and Kyrgyz people do not always treat one another with respect.

This family only had the chair to “test drive” it while Taasir begins full production based on the performance of the prototype. But Sergey’s mother says she is willing to spend her hard-earned money on buying a chair for her son when they are ready.