Change Your Life

Women in a village not far from Bishkek heard some new information recently.  And that information brought about big changes.  The CDI seminar “Change Your Life” focused on stress management through fitness, stretching, massage, and nutrition,  with additional input regarding anger management, conflict resolution, forgiveness, and inner thought life.

Chinara has a houseful of children and grandchildren.  When she lost her own mother recently, she wasn’t sure how she would cope.  But Chinara said the practical tips and good information from the seminar gave her peace.  She discovered she could control her anger better and speak to the children more kindly.

Many families in Kyrgyzstan live in a multi-generational situation.  Aidai, who attended the Change Your Life seminar, struggled with living with her mother-in-law.  But the seminar gave her a new approach.  Here’s what she said afterwards: “I have been harboring unforgiveness in my heart against my mother-in-law for many years now, but after the Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness lessons, I decided to talk to her about it and try to resolve this conflict between us. We have to live in the same house together, and I have refused to talk to her or even hang her picture in my room these many years. After the lessons, I decided to be open and honest with my mother-in-law about how much she had hurt me. But when I tried to share about this with her, she denied it and said it never happened, and that I must have dreamed it! But regardless of that, I have felt forgiveness for her in my heart. I have experienced peace in my heart, and I have even re-hung her picture in its place (next to my father-in-law’s picture) on the wall in my bedroom.”