Creativity at Camp

Summer camp. The words elicit images of campfires, swimming pools, and group games. For Americans another word associated with camps is CRAFTS. In the former USSR, however, creativity is not such a foundational part of that week at camp in the summer.

This is where CDI’s Creativity Project is stepping in. Project staff have had opportunity this summer to be involved with 3 different children’s camps, giving children a chance to take home from camp a lovely art piece.

For one camp, CDI staff trained camp staff to help children create art. Some 600 kids will attend this camp, having art each of their 7 days there. Creativity Project staff hopes these children will love art in fresh ways after this camp.

The second venue was essentially a master class in fashion design career development for older teen-agers. CDI staff helped the young people see how influential art is in society, using examples of music videos and films, while guiding some 15 young people in concepts of fashion design.

Finally, CDI staff led one day of a week-long English day camp, bringing together art and English education in a creative way. Staff helped children learn about colors and other topics in English by working in the arts.

It’s a great summer for creativity in Kyrgyzstan!