Art in the Park

On May 20 of this year, Jalal-abad residents taking a stroll in the park saw something out of the ordinary. Artwork hung from cords strung between lampposts. The CDI Creativity Project presented “Art in the Park.”

In addition to work by 6 or 7 of the project’s students, 3 or 4 local artists displayed their creations. A big crowd-pleaser was the henna arm painting offered by CDI staff. A number of passers-by headed home with a picture or the name of a sweetheart displayed permanently—or at least until the henna wears off. Others who walked by had their portraits drawn. These two features raised a little money for the art studio where the creativity project originates.

As hundreds of people walked by during the day, the art studio got lots of exposure. More exposure came from the TV interview. The local television station chatted with 2 of the studio’s staff and 2 students.

CDI staff commented on how gratifying it was for the young students, after laboring for months on their creations, to have others enjoy and appreciate their work. The art show built confidence and allowed both budding and professional artists to inspire one another. They can’t wait until next year!