Expecting Change

In 2013 the maternal mortality rate of women in Kyrgyzstan was 75 per every 100,000 live births (ref.). The highest maternal and infant mortality rates, according to the government, are in the southern regions where CDI has started working. After recognising this specific need, CDI developed a project focused on educating women about pregnancy and birth. We hope to play a part in improving these statistics.

In November CDI hosted two international midwives who helped give seminars for pregnant women. The seminars educated the women on their own anatomy, the growth of the baby and the birth process. The women then asked many questions relating to pregnancy and women’s health. At the end of the seminar all the women received a pregnancy handbook in their own language, containing health advice, pictures and information about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Around 30 women were able to attend these seminars in 3 different rural locations. The local clinic also received copies of this handbook so that more women may be impacted following the seminar. The seminars opened the way to connect with women in these communities; we were invited back to run lessons for women on other relevant topics such as anemia and back pain during pregnancy.

CDI has been working with midwives to prepare a series of 6 health education lessons specifically for pregnant women, covering relevant topics in greater depth. Our health trainers have started running these pilot courses in rural communities around Osh, enabling women to learn and pass on valuable information about pregnancy, birth and women’s health.