Teaching and Training

What is better than teaching young people skills for the future? Helping to develop local teachers so they can teach these skills!

This is our focus with an education project we are running in conjunction with a local school. CDI staff are teaching English and Woodcarving to young people, while working alongside a local teacher to enable them to take over the lessons in the future.

For the English class our staff member has been working alongside an English teacher from the school, running extracurricular English lessons at two different levels. They have worked together to prepare the lessons, teaching one class each, alternating each lesson, so that the local teacher can gain experience for each level. Our staff member is always available when she needs help.

For woodcarving training, our staff member is working with the handicraft teacher at the school. They created the course contents together, including both woodcarving skills and basic technical drawing skills needed for working with wood. As they partner together, the local teacher is also learning new teaching techniques and skills himself.

This is one of our core values in CDI: developing people to bring positive change to communities. Our focus is to build capacity in local people so that even once we’re gone there will be a lasting impact.