Efficient stoves for frosty days

Kyrgyzstan will soon become a land of frosty mornings and bone-chilling days. Unfortunately, due to low rainfall, the hydroelectric dam reservoir is low and electricity will be limited this winter. People are scrambling to purchase coal and figure out how to stay warm through the winter.

Over the last two years CDI has been researching and designing fuel efficient stoves. In the Kara-Suu region we finished a prototype in one family’s house. This model heats the house by radiation and uses less fuel than the normal stoves. It also has a built-in tandoor oven that allows the women to cook and do their weekly bread baking inside during the winter. This keeps the extra heat inside and makes working conditions more pleasant for the women.

As part of the project, this month CDI is showing the family how to effectively insulate the rooms that the stove will heat. Over winter we will test the stove for energy efficiency and get feedback from the family on the ease of use. Men from the area will also visit the household to see the stove in action. Next year we will be inviting men to join our training seminars to learn these new stove designs. We hope this model will be reproduced in many houses, saving fuel now and in winters to come.