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one life, one family, one community at a time

All people have inherent value and have the right to basic health and education.

We work together to create lasting change

Within every community, there are those who want to see positive change for their family, friends and neighbors. Building on their assets along with some help finding resources and training to expand their skills, these individuals and groups are able to make a significant impact in their communities. 

Developing people & communities

We want to see people and communities developed and create a real, lasting change. We help by bringing transformation through our different programs and projects.


Children at Risk

The Children at Risk program seeks to restore hope and provide opportunities for a future for children with disabilities. Within the program we run different projects.

One Health Program

Having good health includes not only our physical symptoms, but also the social, emotional, mental and relational aspects of life. We want to reach wholeness in each area.

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Appropriate technology

A warm home and a healthy environment are important parts of living a good life. We train people how to create a warm house using less coal and living a cleaner life. 

Pamir Program

Having access to education and basic health necessities will benefit the whole society that is living in the most remote places of the Pamir Mountains in Afghanistan.


Our projects made a change in the lives of Madina, Golda and Noor. Read their stories.

Learning new skills

She had hardly ever left the children’s home. Now a whole “new world”openend up to her.

Heating and saving

Golda wanted to give the new heating system a try. Now she saves significant money in heating fuel.

Restored relationships

During one of our health seminars Noor received both physical and relational help.

Come partner with us and see them move forward!

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