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Covid-19 Relief

“But we didn’t stop trying to bring relief to communities around us in Kyrgyzstan.”

Along with the rest of the world in the spring of 2020, CDI’s normal functions were shut down. But we didn’t stop trying to bring relief to communities around us in Kyrgyzstan. All the programs shifted to providing basic food supplies to their most needy neighbors until the lockdown ended. Now we have shifted some of our projects to a virtual presentation, and we stand by to see what needs we can help meet in the months ahead.


2021-02 Food Distribution Project (page_mid_retina)

Food Distribution

In Bishkek and Jalalabad, CDI staff partnered with other NGO staff, reaching out to heads of villages and neighborhoods, finding out which families were most needy. Then, after quickly raising funds, they made packets of food which they handed out to the needy families. The project lasted during the hardest of Kyrgyzstan’s lockdown in the spring of 2020, but we are able to activate the project again if the pandemic should worsen again.

Covid-19 Relief

Online Projects

Because they have been unable to conduct ordinary in-person seminars during this Covid-19 season, the One Health program staff are creating videos of their lessons. Physiotherapy sessions are given to children with special needs. Teachers who work with the Education project receive continuing education via Zoom meetings. CDI continues project work even when face-to-face meetings aren’t happening.

Developing people
Developing communities